Owning your own land is one of the greatest dreams in life. But finding the perfect spot comes with many considerations. While navigating these waters may seem intimidating, having the guidance of a professional will give you peace of mind. We’ve partnered with several real estate agents to give you the best advice when buying a block of land.

1. Zoning restrictions
2. Water source
3. Know the climate
4. Safety from landslides, bushfires and flooding
5. Soil quality and composition
6. Orientation
7. Trees and bushland
8. Utility access
9. Incline of your block
10. The type of home you want to build

Remember, your property should be in service to the house you want to build. Ultimately, you want a property to suit your lifestyle, and the home you want to build. Browse our range of exciting designs and talk to our design team about how we can help you with your dream home.